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For the safety of our patients, please refrain from visiting if you are experiencing cold and flu-like or vomiting symptoms.
Patient visiting is by appointment only, please call 0114 236 9911 after 8am. Visiting hours are 10am - 8pm.

More about our care

Services we offer that patients can benefit from; and what to expect, depending on the nature of their illnesses.

Depending on a patient's condition, we might be caring for them in one of three ways. They might be based entirely at home under the care of our Specialist Palliative Care Community Team. They might be a day patient attending our Patient and Family Support services. Or they might be an inpatient. They might also move among these types of care, perhaps more than once, depending on their symptoms and the progress of their illness.

Transfer of Care 

Our Transfer of Care Sister and Nurse are both experienced in all aspects of discharge planning and these two people are the team who liaise with patients, families and colleagues at St Luke’s to ensure that transitions between various aspects of our care are as smooth as possible. The team will ensure that once a patient is ready to leave St Luke’s, everyone who needs to be aware is up to date with that process and is fully aware of patient needs.

The team also supports and assists with completion of any relevant assessments regarding eligibility for care and in accessing appropriate care and services to support patients, families and carers following discharge into the community.

More about patients and their care

  • Because someone is under the care of St Luke’s, it doesn't necessarily mean they are about to die, or that they will die soon.
  • Most St Luke’s patients live at home and many are looked after entirely at home throughout their illness.
  • Some patients living at home are under the care of our Specialist Palliative Care Community Team on and off for many years – the team dips out of the picture if the patient is managing well and their symptoms are under control.
  • Most day patients accessing our Patient and Family Support services continue visits for between eight and twelve weeks.
  • It is typical for someone to spend a short time with us as an inpatient while we deal with particular symptoms or problems and then return home or attend as a day patient.
  • It is also typical for someone to be admitted as an inpatient more than once over the course of their illness.
  • A third of patients coming into our In Patient Centre are discharged following their initial treatment. The average length of stay as an in-patient before going home is 16 days.

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