Patient visiting at the hospice is by appointment only, please call 0114 236 9911.

Bereavement service

Provides support and counselling to carers, families and friends following the loss of a loved one who received care at St Luke’s or by our Integrated Community Team.

Grief is a natural consequence of loss, and people often manage their bereavement using their own resources and their usual social network.

We know that sometimes it’s useful to get support from elsewhere and so we write to families sending information about our service and we also do our best to make telephone contact.

After that first contact, we can continue to support by regular phone calls if needed. For those who prefer we can organise a home visitor. We also offer one-to-one counselling at St Luke's and we run a fortnightly support group in the city centre, known as the ‘Drop-In’.

Contact us by phone on 0114 235 7505, by email at [email protected], or by post at Bereavement Service, St Luke's, Little Common Lane, Sheffield, S11 9NE. We are here to support, to advise when we can, and above all, to listen.