For the safety of our patients, please refrain from visiting if you are experiencing cold and flu-like or vomiting symptoms.
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Research at St Luke's

Here at St Luke’s, we understand that we provide a vital service to the people of Sheffield. To ensure our services are as effective as possible, it is important that we remain up to date with the latest evidence and promote a culture of research. In addition, many of our patients and clients, as well as their families and carers express a desire to be involved in research and we understand that part of our role is to help facilitate these opportunities.

We’re committed to engaging with, generating and leading on research in specialist palliative care. In collaboration with the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield, we’ve appointed a Senior Clinical Lecturer to oversee the development of our research ambitions, and encouraged a number of our staff to develop their own research interests.

We also host researchers from the University of Sheffield’s School of Nursing, and have a dedicated space at St Luke’s to enable collaboration and research work on-site.

Further information on the importance of undertaking research within hospice settings is available through Hospice UK here.

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