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Henry and Emily make a Will in support of our patient care

AS a lawyer, Henry Hill knows just how important it is to have a have a properly prepared will.

But it was only when he and his primary school teacher partner Emily made some very important life decisions that they decided it was time to make a will – and support St Luke’s.

“We bought our first house a couple of years ago which we have spent some time renovating and now that we own a fairly significant asset for the first time, we thought this was a very good reason to have a will in place,” Henry says.

“We’re also getting married this year so given these two major changes in circumstance, we both knew it was time to get our wills sorted.

It was one of those things that we just never got around to before but by making a will as part of the St Luke’s Will Month we are doing something important for ourselves which also helps a local charity.

Making a will is something that’s easy to put off, particularly if you have a fairly tight budget and you’re saving for a house or something else that is important to you but St Luke’s Will Month is an effective way to get it right.

Using one of the St Luke’s list of Will Month solicitors makes sure the will is properly made and the process is easy and straightforward.

It’s good to know that if the worst was to happen to me, then Emily will be properly taken care of – and I’m sure she wants the same protection for me.”

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