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Choose YOUR BIG DAY and support St Luke’s by sending these new online birthday or anniversary films to your family, friends and colleagues.

There's unique 5 minute video for almost any date and year over the last century, using historical footage from the ITN and Reuters archives. Narrated by former BBC and ITN news anchor Martyn Lewis, each video starts with your own personal message to the recipient, and is delivered online at a date and hour of your choosing. You, the sender, get a copy too so you can see what you’ve sent.

Whatever date and year (covering most of the last century) which you, your family or friends are celebrating, there is a 5-6 minute video to match, pulled direct from the archives of ITN and Reuters going back as far as 1917. Celebrities, royalty, news, fashions, cars - even house prices - what life was like way back in time - with your personal message to the recipient embedded in the opening titles of the video.


Order a "YOUR BIG DAY" video for £19.95 and enter the code STLUKES in the charity box to trigger a donation of £4 to St Luke's, Sheffield's Hospice.

Check it out on the website to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, first day at work or even your first date!

Choose your “present from the past” - and also help someone in need today.

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